Available Properties

531 Herr Rd 2
146 Potomac Ave
39 Long Beach

Explore your neighborhood or the one you'd like to live in. You never know what kinds of properties are available unless you get involved. Use this website to further your search and learn how to buy a town-owned property, either vacant or rehabilitated. This area may have the perfect property and / or opportunity for you.

Developers, opportunities exist for you here to become a partner in the Town of Evans revitalization initiative. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate 1 property or 20, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Major Redevelopment and Large scale development serves as the anchor for major community revitalization. The Town of Evans welcomes your proposals for development of vacant properties, as well as on available commercial, light industrial and agricultural lots in our community.

Please take a look at each property listed here, and feel free to contact us at the Town of Evans Planning Department at (716) 549-0945.