BENLIC / Land Bank


The Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation (BENLIC) seeks to confront and alleviate the problems distressed properties cause to communities by supporting municipal and regional revitalization efforts and strategically acquiring, improving, assembling, and selling distressed, vacant, abandoned, and/or tax-delinquent properties.

BENLIC has the ability to:

  • Obtain property through In Rem foreclosure public auctions using what is commonly referred to as a “Superbid” authority.  The "Superbid' enables BENLIC to exercise a preferred bid at tax foreclosure auction, ensuring more predictable reuse outcomes for properties. Once BENLIC places a bid on a property the bidding ends.
  • Return formerly derelict and tax delinquent property to the tax rolls through sale to responsible owners. Unlike a public auction fraught with risk, BENLIC can govern the disposition of its property to the most responsible buyer.
  • Hold land tax free, assemble parcels over time and “bank” properties until their market value increases or to assist with more impactful community-driven redevelopment
  • Act as Clearinghouse for large regional and national banks by accepting foreclosed properties through donation and returning them to the tax rolls under responsible ownership
  • Assist communities with demolishing property that has deteriorated too much to merit rehabilitation
  • Assist every community in Erie County with meeting their respective land use and neighborhood planning goals.

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